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Once Upon a Cake, A sweet tale of how a photographer became a baker – Jacksonville Children’s Photographer – Custom Cake Baker – Simply Newborn Photography

Once Upon a Cake,  A sweet tale of how a photographer became a baker  - Jacksonville Children's Photographer - Custom Cake Baker - Simply Newborn Photography

Once upon a time there lived an incredibly talented cake goddess.  I could text her a jumbled idea of what I waned and she would magically created exactly what I had envisioned.  One day the cake goddess moved far far away to the land of the frozen tundra that is Minnesota.  This left me sad and seeking another baker, but who?

Much to my dismay my search for another baker proved to be difficult.  Many of the ones I had to choose from simply lacked the talent and attention to detail that I was used or they were just difficult to work with.

So what is a girl to do?  Well I am a firm believer in the old adage “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  So that is EXACTLY what I did.

Over the course of the past 2 years I tasked myself with the goal of becoming a cake master. I have a VERY long way to go but I do truly enjoy creating beautiful things…and what’s better than a beautiful thing you can eat???

I typically only bake for my cake smash clients and family, but if you need a slightly crooked cake made with lots of love I am your girl!

I will say I have always had an appreciation for any creative business, but I am here to tell you that making pretty cakes is HARD.  Each of the cakes pictured in this blog took anywhere from 4-12 hours, yep you read that right HOURS, to create. So kiss your baker and don’t ask for discounts…oh and a tip is probably a good idea too!

Cake smash · children's photographer · jacksonville newborn photographer

Pancakes and Plaid! – Jacksonville Cake Smash Photographer – Simply Newborn Photography

It is not every day your favorite nephew turns one!  Shhhh….don’t tell the others!

When my sis told me she wanted a lumberjack themed cake smash I knew exactly what we needed…PANCAKES!  I think you might agree when I say that this session is everything.  From his scrunchy nose to the face first shot!  The level of cute is off the charts!

A lot of people ask where I get my cakes…well because my favorite cake person moved *pout* and since I have very high expectations of what I want a cake to look like, I decided I needed to learn to make them!!  At some point I will write a blog featuring all the tasty cakes I have made.

You can view his entire gallery here.


Ready to celebrate your little one, for a limited time only when you book your child’s 1st birthday cake smash your Birthday bash upgrade (including coordinating decor and the cake) is FREE ($59 value)!!  Contact us to book your cake smash!

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Jacksonville Family Photographer – Simply Newborn Photography – Sunflower Sessions

Jacksonville Family Photographer Simply Newborn Photography Sunflower Sessions Connor's A-maize-ing  Acres Hilliard Florida Book with us

I could photograph this family ALL DAY LONG!  They are so sweet and seriously so easy to work with.  The greatest compliment you can give a photographer is to continue to come back and support their business.  I have had the pleasure of photographing many life events and sessions for them,   I am always glad to see them again.  Even if those rotten kids keep growing!  Grumble!!  I kid, I kid.  But seriously, with the growing, can we not?!?


Can we talk about these sunflowers…how beautiful!  I cannot wait until they bloom again. If you missed out, no worries, I know of a place that will have them this fall.  Yippee!


You an view the rest of their gorgeous session here!  Interested in information about our next Sunflower Sessions?  Follow us on FB or join our mailing list to stay in the loop.

Here is an adorable little visit down memory lane….

Jacksonville Family Photographer Simply Newborn Photography Newborn Family Flowers

Cake smash · children's photographer · jacksonville photographer

Hey Mickey You’re So Fine! – Jacksonville Cake Smash Photographer – Simply Newborn Photography

Hey Mickey You're So Fine Jacksonville Cake Smash Photographer Simply Newborn Photography

It is always a pleasure meeting and working with new clients.  This family is new to our area and found us searching online!  Thanks Google!

Little Aiden’s mommy contacted me wanting a Mickey Mouse themed 1st birthday cake smash.  I was more than happy to oblige!  After all, who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?  Aiden was full of personality as we allowed him to smash his cake.  He even got in a little after cake bubble bath! <3 This bubble tooshie….SO CUTE!


You can view his entire gallery here.  While you are there check out more of our recent work. We keep sessions from the past 6 months on our site.

If you’re interested in discussing your next session, email us today!

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Look who is ONE!! Jacksonville Children’s Photographer – Simply Newborn Photography

Jacksonville Children's Photographer Simply Newborn Photography First Birthday Cake Smash

Shepard is ONE!  I cannot believe it has already been a year since I photographed this sweet boy as a newborn.

I have been dying to make a Mickey Mouse cake like this…because after all who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?  I am typically a neutral loving gal, but something about Disney makes me smile!  What make this session ever sweeter??  Shepard’s mommy made all the beautiful banners, by hand no less!  I truly enjoyed the many faces of Shepard, from the sly smile to his duck face!  I was laughing the entire time!!  I think we may have a little ladies man on our hands!

You can take a look at his entire session here.

Is your little sweetheart turing one?  Let’s chat about scheduling a cake smash session!

Enjoy a throwback to Shepard’s newborn session!

Jacksonville Children's Photographer Simply Newborn Photography First Birthday Cake Smash

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Raegan’s Cake Smash-Jacksonville Children’s Photographer-Simply Newborn Photography

cake smash jacksonville children's photographer custom cake 1st birthday alice in ONEderland simply newborn photography Miss Raegan is ONE!

I adore this sweet little baby.  She is just the sweetest little doll baby.

I guess she is not such a baby anymore!

Poor thing was getting in a mouth full of teeth and was not entertained by our agenda of a photo session.

We were able to distract her long enough to get some adorable images and even with a stuffy nose and sore mouth she managed to give us some sweet grins and some even cuter scowls.  Is it terrible that I love the crying pictures???


Is your baby about to turn one?  Let us help you plan an extra special session to commemorate this milestone!


View our most recent Cake Smash galleries here!

Cake smash · children's photographer · jacksonville photographer

Mr. A is TWO!

I don’tjacksonville children photographer cake smash simply newborn photography normally schedule cake smashes for kids older that one, but when this handsome fella’s mom asked if I would do one at two since we weren’t able to do it on his 1st birthday I said SURE!  You may remember this little guy from his 6 month portraits, how could you forget those cheeks?!?

Mr. A was full of mischief and once he touched the frosting…it was all over!  He was clearly not into the cake and let us know.  I may be weird but sometime the crying pictures are my favorite.

View the rest of his gallery here!

We attempted to make a Facebook Live video
of his session and I am glad we did…it isn’t all glamour this life of photography.  I always giggle a little to myself when someone says “I have a friend with a nice camera who is going to do our pics”.  Because there is SO much more than a camera required.  Your memories are worth the investment in a professional.  Who knows, your child may scream the entire time, will your friend with a camera still get good quality images?  You invest in more than an expensive camera when you pay for professional photography.  Ready to plan your session?  Contact us today!














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Miss C is One!

jacksonville photographer simply newborn cake smash first birthdayMiss C is One!  I have had the pleasure of photographing little miss C since she came to the studio for her newborn sessions when she was just a few days old.  She is one of the most photogenic kids I have ever worked with….even if she mean mugs me half the time!   I was really excited when her mommy contacted me about planning a cake smash session for her.  Even if I cannot wrap my head around her being one already.

Miss C’s mommy made this adorable cake and her awesome banner too!    Much like her newborn session Miss C played hard to get…thankfully we were able to get some adorable images of her 1st birthday milestone.  I mean…the one of her looking at her newborn portrait..COME ON, stop the cuteness!!!  Even when she’s giving me her serious stare she is just a doll face! <3

Well, it seems Miss C isn’t a big fan of cake.  I cannot relate, at all!  However we were able to capture her sweet little spirit despite her distaste for cake.


Take a peek at her complete gallery here!


Ready to plan your child’s 1st year cake smash?  Contact us today to begin planning this fun and delicious milestone.

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Alice In ONEderland Cake Smash | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer | Simply Newborn Photography

When Miss K’s mommy contacted me about her cake smash I was ECSTATIC!!  Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite stories!  I immediately started searching for the perfect props to make my vision come alive.  there were a lot off Alice in ONEderland themed mins on Pinterest, but I wanted something unique.  When my cake goddess, Liberty of Creative Cakes by Liberty,  moved away I knew no one would ever be able to meet my expectations like Liberty did.  So I challenged myself to learn to make and decorate cakes….this is BY FAR my favorite.   Miss K. wasn’t too impressed with the cake but she surprised both her momma and me with tons of adorable images!  Can I take a moment to brag on mommy for this adorable Alice inspired tutu outfit!  Come on, how adorable!!!!  You can view her entire gallery here.

ONEderland cake smash simply newborn photography jacksonville children's photographer

Do you have a little one who is getting ready to turn one?

Let me help you create memories you will cherish forever and ever!!

Contact us to begin planning your first birthday cake smash session.